About datalars

Welcome to my technical blog! My name is Lars-Christian Bakken, a 34 year old IT consultant based in Norway.

Every so often I solve an interesting problem, at work or at home, write some code or come across something online that may have value to others. I've been thinking of making a technical blog detailing some of these things for a while, and now you're looking at it!

Most of my hobbies are technical in nature, and include topics such as general computing, programming, scripting, automation, languages, Linux, gaming, retro gaming, hardware and game modding, 3D printing, electronics, and lots more. I write JS and Lua on the regular, along with the occasional bouts of HTML/CSS/PHP. I've written a lot of .NET and C in the past, but I'm getting rusty in those avenues.

Comments are welcome and encouraged! All I ask is that you treat me and others with respect, and don't flame or discriminate. Give constructive criticism instead.

Permission is given to reproduce my content on other sites as long as a link to the original post is provided.

I collect absolutely no data or analytics through this blog, so there is no privacy policy. I firmly believe your data is yours and yours only.

If you need to contact me, I can be reached by e-mail: larscbakken at protonmail dot com

The blog was started on December 28th, 2022.